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FREE Bridal Appointments Monday to Thursday until 5PM!
All bridal appointments from Monday to Thursday that end by 5pm are FREE. Please note that a fee will be required at the end of the booking form to secure your slot, which will be fully refunded upon attending the appointment.

Book a bridal appointment at our London boutique to explore our full selection of new made-to-order gowns, sample sale dresses, or plus size options. Choose between our two studios:

  • The first floor studio, which is 500sqft and can accommodate up to 4 guests. Available from Monday to Sunday.
  • The ground floor studio, which is 300sqft and can accommodate up to 2 guests. Available on Saturday and Sunday. 

Both our studios offer the same range of dresses, ensuring you have access to our entire collection, no matter which studio you choose. Scroll down to view 360-degree photos of the two studios.

To book a bridal appointment, select a time slot, choose your studio preference and fill in the booking form. If you are unable to select one of the studios, it means that the other studio is already booked or not available at that time.

Please note that there is a £30 charge for appointments in the first floor studio, and a £20 charge for appointments in the ground floor studio. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email, and the day before your appointment, we will contact you via WhatsApp to confirm your visit. We value your privacy and keep all of your information confidential.

If you don't see availability on our live booking system, please contact us, preferably via WhatsApp (07496 489606), to join the waiting list at no charge.

First Floor Studio: A Spacious Bridal Haven

Step into the expansive 500sqft of our first floor studio through our 360-degree photo. This studio, designed to accommodate up to 4 guests, offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable bridal shopping experience. Feel free to spread out, have a laugh, and dive into our gorgeous dress collection. You're bound to find something you adore here.

Ground Floor Studio: Intimate Elegance Redefined

Hop into our snug 300sqft ground floor studio with our 360-degree peek. It's the perfect spot if you're bringing just a friend or two. But hey, small doesn't mean limited – you've got our entire dress range at your fingertips, so let the dress hunting begin!


What is included in a bridal appointment? 
In your bridal appointment you will:

- Have a dedicated Bridal Stylist to help you and carry out a personal bridal style analysis
- Try on at least 5 wedding dresses
- Bring up to 4 guests with you on the first floor studio and up to 2 guests on the ground floor studio. 
- Have access to filtered water & light nibbles
-Have access to free Wi-Fi and a tripod in case you want to video call your family and friends
What do I need to do prior my bridal appointment?
Please kindly do the following:
- Book the bridal appointment under the bride’s name, email address and number so we can contact the bridal before her appointment. If we are unable to reach the bride we reserve the right to cancel the bridal appointment.
-Wear nude seamless underwear (ideally no elastic as it might show under the dress) or shapewear.
- Send us photos or links via WhatsApp (07496 489606) of dresses you have seen on website that you want to try on.
- Send us photos of you via WhatsApp (07496 489606) in any wedding dresses you have tried already.

Please kindly don't do the following:
- Wear self tanning lotion (our dresses are white tan ruins them and we can’t remove it.
- Bronzing powder on your neckline.
- Bring your own alcohol onto our premises.
- Bring toddlers or pets (we love toddlers and pets but we cannot accommodate them).
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