Expert Wedding Dress Alterations in London

Is altering a wedding dress essential? For 99% of brides, the answer is a resounding "Yes."
Few perfectly match a designer's standard size. After you've chosen your dream dress, we'll order the closest size and let our expert seamstresses fine-tune it to hug your unique contours. 
And while an alterations appointment might not have the initial thrill of choosing a gown, it's pivotal. It’s the time to perfect the fit, customize by reshaping the neckline, adding sleeves, or introducing a bustle for easy movement and dancing. Even if you've purchased your dress elsewhere, we're here to assist with its alterations.
Dive deeper below to understand our process, explore the five most common alterations, and view our transparent price list.
Pinning a Wedding Dress in our bridal boutique in London

The Evelie Alteration Experience: From Fit to Fabulous

Your wedding day is a singular occasion, warranting a dress that fits flawlessly. At Evelie, we don't just promise perfection in fit; we ensure a magical bridal experience from start to finish.

Prior to your first consultation, we provide a clear alteration quote, eliminating any hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. Once you're acquainted with the potential modifications and costs, and after placing an order, your journey with our in-house alteration specialists begins. No need to juggle between external alteration services or deal with the stress of moving your dress to different locations.

Our brides typically experience two dedicated alteration sessions:

  1. First Alteration Appointment (approx. 90 minutes) - Here, the dress is carefully pinned by our seamstress, ensuring optimal fit and laying the groundwork for precise adjustments.
  2. Second Alteration Appointment (approx. 60 minutes) - A meticulous review to ensure everything aligns with your vision.

In between these appointments, the dress will be meticulously altered at the seamstress's studio. Although most brides find two sessions ample, we're adaptable. Should you require more, we're here to accommodate.

Your cherished gown remains in safe hands with Evelie. Whether you choose our complimentary storage until the final fitting or wish to collect it for the first appointment, rest assured, it's in the best care.

Wedding Dress alterations at EvelieShortening the train of a Wedding Dress in our bridal boutique in LondonPinning a Wedding Dress at Evelie

The 5 Most Common Wedding Dress Alterations Types

1. Shortening a wedding dress

Most of the designers make the hem longer to fit taller bride. So shortening the hem, or taken up, in most cases is a necessary alteration because either the wedding dress is too long or the bride wants to show the shoes.
Typically wedding dresses with a train needs to be hemmed at the front around to the sides however it is also common to reduce the train.
The seamstress will pin and hem the skirt so that it meets your height perfectly so it is important to wear the shoes that you will be wearing for your wedding as the heel height and shoe type change your height and posture that affect how the wedding dress fits.
If you are undecided about your wedding shoes you should at least attend your first alteration appointment with a pairs of shoes of the same height shoes you are planning to wear on your wedding day.Shortening a dress and reduce the train can cost anything between £25 and £250 depending on the number of layers and on the complexity of the skirt. It becomes more expensive when there is lace, appliqué or beading that needs to be taken off before adding it back to the final hem length.
Pinning the hem of a Wedding Dress in our bridal boutique in LondonPinning the hem of a Wedding Dress in our bridal boutique in LondonShortening a Wedding Dress in our bridal boutique in London

2. Taking in a wedding dress

Designers make wedding dresses following their own dress size charts and it is unlikely that your body shape perfectly fits one of these sizes. During your bridal appointment we will clip any dress for you to see how it fits your silhouette, take your body measurements and let you know what is the best size to order your dress in. If it needs to be taken in, during your first alteration appointment our seamstress will professionally pin the dress together to perfectly fit your body shape. Once the dress is pinned the seams of the dress will be unhemmed and new seams will be sawn

3. Shortening or Adding Straps

Many wedding gowns are made with a little bit longer straps so that they will fit a wide range of brides. If the straps are either standing too high or falling down we will be able to shorten the straps so that you are comfortable and they fit your body perfectly. Alternatively if the straps are too short preventing you from wearing your dress, we will either replace the straps with new ones or find the material to lengthen them.
If you are in love with the shape of a strapless dress but want to feel more secure by having straps, we can also add create bespoke embellished or plain straps and attach them to almost any dress.

4. Shortening or Adding Sleeves

Sometimes you love a sleeveless wedding dress but you would like your arms to be covered because you are either having a winter wedding or you feel more secure about having sleeves.

Depending on the dress you can add cap sleeves, ¾ sleeves, long lace sleeves, balloon sleeves or we can create bespoke sleeves for your gown. During your bridal appointment we can pin into your wedding dress a pair of unattached sleeves so you can have a better feel of how they fit your arms and complement your wedding dress. If you are happy to proceed in adding a pair of sleeves, before the first alteration appointment we will agree with you the material of the sleeves, style and length.
Alternatively if you change your mind about having long sleeves, another common wedding dress alteration is to shorten to a ¾ length or to the any desired length.

5. Adding A Bustle To The Train

Many brides love a long train for the ceremony and be able to walk and dance freely at the reception without changing into a second dress.
Adding a little ribbon loops attached to the train that make it possible to lift it (to bustle up a wedding dress) is the solution we recommend.
There are two types of train loops:
- A long train loop that a bride hold on her finger or wrist.
- A short train loop that either tie in a ribbon or buttons under the bum.

While the finger/wrist loop gives a dainty princess look, you will need to carry it all night and might get tired of it. Some other brides opt for both options as the wrist loop is useful when taking photos and the bustling the dress is handy to move and dance freely.

Evelie Alterations Pricelist 

Every bride deserves to wear a dress that's tailored to her unique silhouette, regardless of where it was purchased. While we offer a specialized alteration service primarily to brides who select their gowns from our collection, we also welcome brides who've sourced their dresses elsewhere.
Our fitting consultations are priced at £36.50, reflecting our commitment to expert care and attention to detail.
Transparent pricing ensures you remain informed at every step, eliminating any unforeseen surprises. This dedication to clarity and our unmatched expertise position us as London's trusted choice for wedding dress alterations.


Shorten Hem Plain per Layer front to sides (Pin Hem Style)
Shorten hem plain raw edge tulle 
front to sides
From £25
Shorten hem with lace appliqué
From £160
Shorten hem with 
crinoline/horsehair detail inside
From £60
Shorten Trains
From £55
Shorten Hem Plain per Layer not too Full (Pin Hem Style)

Take in Bodice, Waist and Hips

Side seams underarms to waist plain
Side Seams Waist to hip plain
Side Seams Hips to Hem

Bust Seams / Darts

Take in Bust / Princess Seams
Take in Front Bust Darts
Take in Back Darts

Take in with Zip Detail, Buttons or Loops

Take in Centre Back Seam with Zip
Take in Centre Back Seam with buttons and Loops 
Replace Zips
From £62

Restyling Back Bodice and Necklines

Reshape Back or Front Bodice Neckline
From £65
Change Back Bodice with Corset Kit 
From £250

Straps, Shoulders and Armholes

Shorten Spaghetti Straps
Lift Shoulders
Lower Armholes
Lift Shoulders and Rest Sleeves 
From £65
Make and attached 
gathered tulle straps 
From £65


Take in entire sleeves plain
From £40
Take in Sleeves Plain Partically
From £36.50
Shorten Sleeves Plain Machine
From £25.50
Shorten with simple trim detail
From £46.50
Shorten with Button or 
Loop Detail or Vent
From £65
Shorten with Cuff detail 
From £65
Make and attach Sleeves (excl. fabric)
From £95


Bustle with Ribbons One Set
Bustle with Button and Loop One Set 
Bustle with Finger Loop
Bustle with Wrist Loop


Hand Sew Belt to Waist
Attach Belt Detachable with Poppers or Hook & Eyes

Bust Cups

Attach Bust Cups Plain Moulded or Padded
Bust Cups
From £15.50 

The Most Common Questions About Alterations

What kind of alterations can be done to a wedding dress ?
The most common wedding dress alterations are:

Taking in the dress to make sure it stays up and flatter your silhouette.
Shortening the dress to make sure the front and the side of the skirt are not too long.
Add a bustle to train to temporary reduce the length of the train, useful if you want to move at ease and dance without changing dress.

In addition to the most common alterations the following alterations can be done to a dress:
Adding and shortening sleeves or straps
Reshaping the neckline
Add lace appliqué, mesh or beading on the bodice and/or on the skirt.
Add bra cups
Add pockets
Can all wedding dresses be taken in ? 
We recommend that a dress can be altered down up to one UK size however this ultimately depends on the dress as some can be taken in two UK sizes. We don’t recommend to recut a dress to make smaller than 2 UK sizes as it is expensive and could severely affect the structure of the dress.

Can wedding dresses be let out ?
Letting out a wedding dress can be tricky as most of the dresses don’t come with enough seam allowance to cover a size bigger. When you are placing an order for a new wedding dress, you should always go for a slightly bigger size dress to prevent a more expensive “let out” alteration process that could potentially involve panels and changes to the pattern.
When shall I alter my wedding dress ? 
Alteration timelines vary from bride to bride. Generally we recommend to start the alteration process 2 months before your wedding date.
If you are planning to lose weight and need more time please let us know as we can start altering your wedding dress 1 month before your wedding date. Typically we will book you in for your alterations appointments few days after your wedding dress has been ordered.
What is the average cost to alter a wedding dress ?
Typically the wedding dress alteration estimated cost is between £370-£390 based on the below:

Shortening the dress (Hem front only )
Taking in the dress (bust only)
Add a bustle to the train
Shortening straps
2x alteration appointments
Steaming the dress
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