Bridal Veils

Bridal veils come in various lengths and styles, catering to diverse preferences and wedding dresses. Available for purchase online or at our bridal shop in London, all veils are made to order, ensuring a personalized touch for each bride.

The three most common lengths for bridal veils are:

  1. Medium (51 inches): Often called shoulder or elbow length, this veil gracefully falls to the bride's shoulders or elbows, offering elegance without being overly dramatic.
  2. Long (90 inches): Known as chapel or floor length, this ground-reaching veil creates a striking effect, making it a popular choice for formal weddings or brides seeking a traditional look.
  3. Extra Long (110 inches): Referred to as cathedral length, this veil extends past the wedding gown's train for a truly dramatic and regal appearance.

Veils also come in single or double tier styles. Single tier veils consist of one fabric layer, while double tier veils feature a second layer that can be worn over the face during the ceremony and lifted back for the reception.

Standard delivery time for our made-to-order veils is 6 weeks. However, if you need your veil sooner, rush delivery options are available, allowing you to receive your veil in as little as two weeks.

Ultimately, selecting the veil length, style, and edge should reflect the bride's personal taste and wedding dress style.

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